tours from Athens

The Greek people welcome you.

Greek people in majority are good manored, smiling, helpful, and optimistic personalities. English language is widely spoken, especially by the younger generations. Athens, was and still is one of the safest European capitals,
although there are areas that there is no need for you to visit them. Ask the locals, your Greek friend, your local travel agent, or the hotel employees. They know better, and they can advise you about the areas that you must avoid.

During your visit to Greece, learn the Greek way of communication–dancing. Grab each other by the arm and begin dancing, just like the Greeks do. It’s very likely you’ll be as charmed by the Greek people as you will be, by Greece’s beautiful landscape.

Guided tours from Athens:

* Morning sightseeing tour with Acropolis’ museum
* Afternoon sightseeing tour with Acropolis’ museum
* Morning walking tour of Athens historic centre
* Afternoon tour to Sounio, and Poseidon’s temple
* One day tour to Delphi including museum & site
* One day tour to Mycenae, Nafplion & Epidaurus
* Two days “slow pace” tour to Delphi
* Two days “slow pace” tour to Nafplion
* Two days to Delphi & Meteora
* 3 days, 1 night in Delphi & 1 in Kalampaka
* 3 days Delphi with 2 nights in Kalampaka
* 3 days Classical tour – Argolis, Olympia & Delphi
* 4 days Classical with Meteora monasteries tour
* 4 days Mondays’ special Classical tour. O/n Nafplio
* 5 days Mondays’ Classical & Meteora. O/n Nafplio

Independent trips, by train:

* One day tour to Meteora by train & local taxi
* Two days train & hotel trip to Kalampaka
* 2 days Meteora, with morning and “sunset” tours
* One day trip to Delphi by intercity bus
* Two days to Olympia by intercity bus
* By train, Meteora and Delphi, 3 days/2 nights
* By train, Meteora and Thessaloniki, 5 days/4 nights


Private tours to:

* Half day tour to Marathon, museum and tomb
* One day private tour to Olympia, museums & site
* One day private tour to Delphi, and Ossios Lucas
* One day private tour to ancient Corinth & Argolis
* 2 day tour to Olympia & Nafplion(o/night)
* Two days tour to Delphi & Olympia(o/night)


Cruises to the Aegean islands

* One day cruise to Hydra, poros & Egina
* 3 days to Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes, Kusadasi
* 4 days to Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes, Kusadasi
* 7 days cruise to Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes, Kusadasi

Other services that we offer:

* Private transfer services from Athens’ airport,
* Car, minibus, and motorcycle, rental services,
* Mountain cycling & trekking expeditions
* Sailing holidays in Greece (Sunsail holidays)
* Yacht chartering, all over Greece

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