Include ancient Olympia in your itinerary.

Olympia is still in our lives with the lighting of the flame and the torch relay,
ceremonies that every year will bring back memories of this tour.

Despite the damage by the earthquakes and the floods, the site is worth your visit. The setting is magical, making it the most beautiful major site in the Peloponnese. Both, the archaeological museum and the museum of the ancient Games are among the finest in Greece, making your visit to Olympia a must. There is no modern equivalent for ancient Olympia - a religious and at the same time an athletic centre. Men travelled from every part of the ancient World to compete in these Games and the winners became legends. Over 50,000 of spectators came to watch the Games every four years and support the athletes.
The area was buried under the alluvial deposits of the two rivers until its discovery in 1852. Since then, millions of people visit Olympia every year and admire its wealth and importance in antiquity. A visit to the original site of the Olympic Games is a moving experience. Running in the original stadium is an unforgettable one.
If your visit to Greece is short and does not allow a longer tour, take our ONE DAY TOUR TO OLYMPIA and visit the vast, but walkable, sacred ancient site.

Ancient Olympia has cultivated ideals. The importance of taking part in the Olympics was a great honour, being an Olympic winner was even greater.
The ancient Greeks visited the sanctuary of Olympia every 4 years. Join one of our tours and visit it once in your lifetime.
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Join one of the following guided tours and visit Olympia:
* 3 days classical tour to Argolis, Olympia & Delphi from 229.00 euro | * 4 days Classical tour & Meteora from 330.00 euro




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